*  Independent Film Producers of America Silver “Cindy”  “A Conservation Carole” S.C. Edison * New York Int’l Film & TV Festival Silver Award   “A Conservation Carole” S.C. Edison  * New York Int’l Film & TV Festival  Bronse Award “Free Fall” 3M Company Chicago Film Festival Silver Award * New York Int’l Film & TV Festival  Gold Award  “Abbott VP: Abbott Laboratories *   Telly Award “DeMille Barn” Hollywood Studio Museum * Clio Award “Homeplus” K&B  * Best FX /Thriller! Chiller! Festival 2008 “Razor Sharp” * Best Special Effects/ Action Film Festival 2007 “Razor Sharp” *  Academy Award Nomination 2007 “Pirates of the Caribbean III” * Visual Effects Society Award Best VFX 2003 “The Last Samurai” *  Houston Int’l Film Festival Bronze Award Best Action/Adventure Film 1996 “Too Fast, Too Young” *  3DO Best Game of the Year Award “Demolition Man” *  Narm Award   * Telly Award   “This is the Good Guys” * Telly Award “Trisec’s Los Angeles”  * The Elan Award   “North Ranch” The Prudential * Chicago Film Festival Gold Award “The Glass Apple” *  Ass’n of Visual Communicators Award Gold Award “The Glass Apple” * CBS Foundation Outstanding Television Award “Shadowscape” many more